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Efficient Incident Response

The Solace Cyber Digital Forensics & Incident Response Team is a team of highly experienced technical cyber security experts that will assist your organisation in the event of a cyber security incident or ransomware attack. Our CSIRTS team will lead you through the entire cyber incident, starting with an initial assessment and extending to complete business recovery. This process aims to minimise business disruption, mitigate reputation damage, and restore services as quickly as possible. We employ forensic tools to collect and analyse evidence, utilising secure data storage for robust preservation. For emergency support, call 01202 308 818. Access to the CSIRTS team is fully funded, and charges apply only if you require the team's services. Operating 24/7/365, our team is 100% UK based.
Expert ransomware recovery service.

Ransomware Groups We Deal With

The number of ransomware groups and their variants is ever-increasing. Each group works slightly differently and, therefore, requires a different solution. This is why our teams create detailed incident response plans that identify the source of the attack and work with the owners of each business to understand and meet the overall needs.

Below are some of the most commonly used ransomware groups being used today:  

  • cloak

  • CoinVault

  • Coverton

  • CryptoLocker

  • CryptoWall

  • CrySiS

  • CTB Locker

  • Dharma

  • DMA Locker

  • Eking (Phobos)

  • everest

  • GandCrab

  • GlobeImposter 2.0

  • HIVE

  • knight

  • LeChiffre

  • Lockbit3

  • Locky

  • losttrust

  • Makop

  • medusa

  • monti

  • noescape

  • Odin

  • Phobos

  • Play

  • qilin

  • QNPCrypt

  • Quantum

  • ragroup

  • Rakhni

  • Rannoh

  • rhysida

  • Ryuk

  • snatch

  • Sodinokibi / REvil

  • TeslaCrypt

  • trigona

  • WanaCryptor

  • WannaCry

  • Wildfire

Solace Cyber are equipped to deal with an attack from any ransomware group, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are under attack from a ransomware group not listed above. Call us on 01202 308818.  

Ransomware recovery service by Solace Cyber.

Industries We Provide Ransomware Recovery To

Any industry that relies heavily on digital data and systems is susceptible to ransomware attacks. Solace Cyber can provide an effective and meaningful recovery response to any company within any industry.  

Particularly vulnerable industries include:  

  • Healthcare -  Healthcare institutions store sensitive patient data, making them prime targets for ransomware attacks that can compromise patient records and disrupt critical services. 

  • Financial Services - Banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies handle vast amounts of confidential financial data, making them lucrative targets for ransomware attacks aiming to extort money or disrupt operations. 

  • Government and Public Services - Government entities, including local authorities, are often targeted due to the critical services they provide. An attack on government systems could disrupt essential services or compromise sensitive information. 

  • Retail and E-commerce - Retailers and e-commerce platforms store customer data and financial information, making them attractive targets for ransomware groups seeking to exploit customer information and disrupt online operations. 

  • Legal and Professional Services - Law firms, accounting firms, and other professional services handle sensitive client information. A ransomware attack on these sectors could result in data breaches or financial loss. 

In essence, any industry that relies heavily on digital infrastructure and stores valuable data is at risk of a ransomware attack. This is due to the high value of the data, making a potential leak highly impactful and consequently increasing the chances of the ransom being paid. Ransomware groups strategically target industries and companies believed to offer the greatest profit potential.

Therefore, large corporations and the above industries need to safeguard their assets and people with robust cybersecurity measures. However, if necessary, our incident response teams will be available to assist you, eliminating the necessity of ransom payment, thereby saving costs and recovering data when feasible.

How our Ransomware Recovery Service Works

Our ransomware recovery service has a six-step process that is followed by our teams once they have reached your site.  

Step 1


Solace Cyber Incident Response despatches the nearest team the same day. The onboarding initiation processes begins immediately, including stakeholder introductions, updates to call schedules, Incident Response Data Capture with creation, finalising the agreement, and the deployment of initial Incident Response Action plans.

Step 2


DFIR (Digital Forensic Incident Response) teams conduct thorough examination of breaches, identifying vulnerabilities, attack vectors, data loss, and system impacts, such as Ransomware, BEC, Data Loss (PII/ICO) or DDoS. Solace completes thorough forensic investigations to understand attacker tactics, informing future mitigation strategies.

Step 3


Onsite & remote teams take immediate actions to limit damage and prevent the incident from spreading. This includes affected system isolation, elimination of malicious elements, and implementation of protective measures, including Solace proprietary technologies, to prevent further harm.

Step 4


Solace Cyber’s Incident Response team eliminates the root cause of the incident and restores affected systems to a secure state. Focus is on vulnerability identification and repair, removal of malware and ensuring no remnants of the incident persist within the network.

Step 5


Incident Response teams deliver full restoration of affected systems and services to normal operation. Our engineers implement backups where possible, repair or replace compromised infrastructure, ensuring data is accessible and systems are fully functional.

Step 6

Post Incident

Solace completes a thorough examination of the Digital Forensic Incident Response and recovery efforts. Through risk mitigation, betterment action and a full offboarding process, Solace collaborates with the client to assess the effectiveness of the actions taken. This involves identifying areas of improvement, and reviewing the lessons learned.

Facing a ransomware attack? Don't panic, Solace Cyber's Ransomware Recovery Service can help minimise the breach and restore your systems. Contact us to regain control, recover your data, and fortify your defences against future attacks. Trust us to navigate the chaos.  

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