Akira Ransomware

Akira Ransomware was first used in March 2023 and has been known to predominantly target US and Canadian companies.

Experiencing Ransomware or Cyber Breach?

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How Do You Know When You Have Been Attacked by Akira Ransomware?

Akira works similarly to many other ransomware attacks. First, the organisation will gain access to your system, typically through valid credentials that were stolen. They will then root through your system, encrypting files, ending the file names with “.akira”, and deleting any backups you might have made.  

Once they have encrypted all the data that they are interested in, disabled any malware protection you have in place, and removed all backups, they will trigger a ransom note on your system. This note will demand you enter a dialogue with them to gain a decryption key, encouraging you to deal directly with them rather than employing a ransomware recovery team. The note will detail threats of releasing your data to the dark web should you not reach an agreement with them.   

However, negotiating with them and paying the ransom will rarely result in them sharing a decryption key, so it is recommended that you call an incident response team as soon as you are aware of an attack. By acting quickly and employing professionals to respond to the attack, there is a chance that you could prevent the spread of the attack and might be able to get your data back without having to pay the ransom.  

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01202 308818 to get a response team to your site today.  

Why Choose Solace Cyber to Respond to an Akira Ransomware Attack?

During a ransomware attack, there are three key points for a successful recovery. Solace Cyber ensure we provide all three points as well as many more to give you the best possible chance at a full recovery.  

With teams across the nation, we are able to respond quickly to your enquiry and dispatch a team to your site on the same day that you employ us. This quick response enables us to act fast in preventing the spread of the attack to limit damage.  

When we arrive at your site, we will get a comprehensive understanding of what has happened so that we can construct a customised solution to the attack. Once a plan of action has been established, our incident response team will rapidly start work on containing the attack and recovering the data, where possible. This rapid recovery response will have the aim of getting your business back up and running as quickly as possible.  

Our teams can handle the data of an attack appropriately, meaning that they don’t override the data of the attack. This data can be used as evidence in criminal prosecution or insurance claims.  

Throughout the recovery process, our Digital Forensic and Incident Response teams stay in constant contact with you. Using risk registers and adhering to change management procedures, your dedicated incident manager and technical engineering leads provide updates throughout the Cyber Incident Response journey, from triage through to post-incident successful business recovery. 

Benefits of Choosing Solace Cyber

When choosing Solace Cyber for ransomware recovery assistance, you will also benefit from:  

  • Accreditations: Solace Cyber are an Assured Service Provider by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and holds several ISO accreditations.  

  • Expertise and Experience: Our teams are ransomware recovery specialists and have helped hundreds of businesses successfully navigate and recover from a ransomware attack.  

  • 24/7 Security Operation Centre Services: Throughout the recovery process, our Security Operation Centre will be monitored 24 hours a day, ensuring someone is on hand to respond to any situation, should they need to.  

  • National Coverage: We have teams across the nation, enabling us to respond quickly to an attack anywhere in the UK.  

Don’t face Akira ransomware alone. Act swiftly and decisively to safeguard your data and restore your operations. Contact Solace Cyber at 01202 308818 now to deploy our expert response team to your site. With our proven track record in ransomware recovery and our comprehensive approach, we will reclaim control of your business. 

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